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Flipper Dunk

Flipper Dunk

Pinball, being one of the most classic arcade games ever, introduced the gameplay of flipping and scoring to the gaming world. Flipper Dunk is a casual game that perfectly implied this design. Yet through very simple control and mechanic, Flipper Dunk could easily kill your whole afternoon once you lay hands on it. This is an online version of this funny time-killer, available on pc, mobile and tablet. Now catapult your ball and score the basket!

Rules and instructions

Click or tap on the screen to flip the flipper and score the basket. You can play it in levels proceeding and endless mode. If the ball rolls off of the flipper, you lose the game. There will be 1-8 baskets to score for each level and every level comes with diamonds awarded. Use them to unlock balls and flippers.


Score will still count if you re-goal from under the basket.
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