Among Us Online Edition
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Among Us Online Edition

Among Us Online Edition

Among Us is a phenomenal multiplayer game of survival, puzzler and strategy. An imposter is hidden among the spaceship crew and about to kill everyone! The crew will have to complete all tasks (to ensure that the space travel can continue steady) while trying to stay alive. Whereas the imposter is going to sabotage the missions and try killing everyone before all tasks are finished!
Here we've created an online version of Among Us for you to spare your time as the crazy imposter! It's completely free and no download is required. Try not to get caught while you kill someone, sabotage the tasks or use a vent. Or an ejection is waiting upon you!


Use WASD (or the control panel) to move and click to kill, sabotage and vent.


No.1 Kill everyone before all tasks are completed, or you lose the game.
No.2 Use vent to go between rooms fast, but if you get caught venting, the crew will know that you're the imposter.
No.3 A meeting will be called if someone report a dead body. The whole crew will be chatting and sharing information, then vote to eject someone. Blend in and defend yourself. You get ejected, you lose.
No.4 Sabotage their tasks to slow them down and give yourself more time for the killing.


Sabotaging the powerline will blind the crew and slow them down, while damage in the oxygen system is life-threatening, which means the crew must repair it in time. Use those tricks to take the favorable.
For more Among Us games, we'd recommend Among Us: Red Imposter and Among Us Crazy Shooter. Have fun!